Our mission is to compete and win at the highest levels of racing while raising the bar in Thoroughbred partnerships.

Starlight Racing

Starlight Racing is a unique and successful partnership that offers an opportunity for people to race at the highest levels of racing and also gain exclusive access to racing's biggest events. We have several opportunities each year for our partners to get together, whether it's to cheer on one of our horses in a major stakes race; join us at the yearling sales in Saratoga Springs, New York; or gathering in Ocala, Florida to watch as the babies go through their first breezes.  

We form new partnerships each year to purchase yearlings. We are unique in that, rather than selling a piece of each horse, we sell a portion of that year’s crop of yearlings. We feel like owning part of the crop gives each partner a better chance of finding a good horse and spreads the risk around in a more advantageous fashion to everyone involved.

We keep the number of partners in each partnership relatively low (especially when compared to other horse racing syndicates) so that all of our partners feel like they own a piece of the horse as opposed to a piece of the tail. And we like to have the partners involved in each horse in the crop so that everyone has the same diversified "portfolio". By May or June of each year we have a good idea of how much money we will spend at the upcoming yearling sales and then we sell "units" in $250,000 increments, up to 16 units. In 2020 we will raise between $3 and $4 million and partners are welcome to buy up to 6 units but must buy at least one full unit. 

Wolf’s pack: Ownership syndicate Starlight Racing succeeds with tight partnerships—Thoroughbred Times, 7/13/2012 (PDF)

Please see below for frequently asked questions.


Starlight Racing - FAQ’s:

What makes Starlight Racing Partnerships different than most partnerships/syndicates?

Starlight Racing is a unique racing partnership. Unlike many other partnerships (which may have hundreds of partners), we take pride in limiting the number of partners we accept so that everyone is able to share in the hands-on experience and thrill of Thoroughbred ownership and racing where our mission is to compete in graded stakes races in order to produce a stallion and/or broodmare prospect. 

Our managing partners, unlike other partnerships, put their own money into the partnership, do not mark up horses and they oversee the day to day operations, limiting the overhead while trying to create value from the racing prospects. 

Finally Starlight and StarLadies managing partners are quite different in that they do not receive a performance bonus unless and until the partnership members have received their initial capital back through earnings and/or distributions, unlike other partnerships that receive monies upfront during and after the partnership ends.

How does a Starlight Racing Partnership Work? When you partner with Starlight Racing you own a piece of that year’s entire crop. In search of the promising thoroughbred stars of tomorrow, we purchase yearlings, almost exclusively, from the three premier yearling sales in North America: July Fasig-Tipton, Lexington; August Fasig-Tipton Saratoga Select; and Keeneland’s September sale. All of the horses are purchased by the Starlight Racing team of Jack & Laurie Wolf and bloodstock agent, Frank Brothers. The horses that we buy in partnership with SF Bloodstock are selected by Frank Brothers and bloodstock agents Danato Lanni and Henry Field then further qualified by Jack Wolf and, from SF Bloodstock, Tom Ryan and Gavin Murphy. 

Why do you limit the number of partners you take in?  We believe in sharing the thrill of Thoroughbred ownership on a personal level. By accepting an unlimited number of partners it takes away from the hands-on experience and limits the participation of the partners. We like to think of our partners as family members who experience the game at the same level the managing partners do. Limiting the number of partners also creates a much better communication stream. 

Is Starlight Racing the only partnership you have? No, we also have a ladies only partnership: StarLadies Racing. Please visit our StarLadies Racing section for more information. 

Where can I find a complete list of all of your accomplishments?  Please visit the Achievements tab on our site, and click here to watch a video of Starlight's stakes winners.

Where can I learn more about the Starlight Racing team? Click here for an overview video of Starlight Racing and to meet our team.

How do I find out more information on becoming a partner in Starlight Racing? Feel free to call or email us. We will be happy to provide you with further details on how our exciting partnership works and how you can join the team. We are currently accepting commitments for our 2020 partnerships. Please contact us with your intent to commit by the first week of July 2020 with no money due until September 2020. 

For more information please contact Donna Barton Brothers via email or 502-645-2232.


StarLadies Racing

StarLadies Racing is a relatively new partnership opportunity for female racing enthusiasts only, and consists of a small but diverse group of fillies.

Launched in 2013, StarLadies was formed out of the passion and fondness that Laurie Wolf and some supporting partners have for thoroughbred racing. Laurie is also a founding partner in Starlight Racing and they thought it would be fun (and, hopefully, rewarding!) to have a small partnership comprised of a few fillies and a few great women so that they could enjoy their enthusiasm for racing with other like-minded women. 

The StarLadies Racing partnerships consist of 8-12 partners and, ideally,  4-5 fillies. These small groups offer an intimate partnership and allows each woman the chance to be involved with the sport at, hopefully, a fairly high level, while minimizing individual risk. Laurie Wolf serves as managing partners with Donna Barton Brothers facilitating communication between partners.

As with Starlight Racing’s core partnership, all horses are selected from the 3 premier yearling sales (July Fasig-Tipton; August Saratoga Select; September Keeneland) and all of the StarLadies fillies are purchased by the Starlight Racing team of Jack and Laurie Wolf and bloodstock agent, Frank Brothers.  

StarLadies was formed in 2013 and experienced success right out of the gate with graded stakes winner, Eskenformoney in the first crop and stakes winners Firsthand Report, Orbolution and Takechargedelilah from subsequent crops.  While StarLadies Racing won an impressive 30% of their starts in 2017, they improved that to a remarkable 46% win percentage in 2018! So far in 2019 they have been first, second or third with 50% of the their starters.

Click here to view photos and profiles of our StarLadies horses! Click here for an overview of StarLadies Racing which was featured on Lady and The Track.

If you’re interested in becoming a StarLady we are currently accepting commitments for our 2020 partnership. Please contact us with your intent to commit by the first week of July 2020 with no money due until September 2020.   

For more information on becoming a partner in StarLadies Racing, please contact Donna Barton Brothers via email or 502-645-2232.


What they are saying about Starlight Racing Partners:

"The Key to a successful partnership is having a professional team looking out for your interests.  Jack Wolf and Starlight Racing’s continued success sets the gold standard in Thoroughbred partnerships.”

Todd Pletcher…Seven-time Eclipse Award-winning trainer and Kentucky Derby-winning trainer 


“Ever since Jack Wolf became involved in Thoroughbred racing as Starlight Stables, I found him to be refreshingly straightforward and honest, and his integrity has continued with Starlight Racing and partner Donald Lucarelli. I always kid Jack about being lucky in this game, but he has always made his own luck by making smart and shrewd business decisions and surrounding himself with only the best, whether it be bloodstock agents or his trainer Todd Pletcher. And he has done this by always maintaining a good sense of humor and being grounded in the often harsh realities of the sport. When Jack tells you something, you can go to the bank with it.”

Steve Haskin…Award winning journalist for Blood-Horse Magazine


“I’ve been involved in Thoroughbred ownership for many years. There is nothing more exciting than the thrill of watching your horses run and no one does it better than Starlight.  They’ve assimilated one of the best racing operations in the country and their record speaks for itself. There’s a great comfort level knowing people like Jack and Donnie are looking out for your best interest and I am thrilled to be in partnership with them.”

Ed Glasscock…prominent KY attorney