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Workout DateHorseDistanceTimeLocationRanking
11/20/2019 Gimme Some Mo 4F:49.04Palm Beach Downs1/16
11/20/2019 Philly Special 4F:50.17Palm Beach Downs9/16
11/19/2019 Eight Rings 5F1:02.60Santa Anita Park4/6
11/19/2019 Hydrogen 5F1:02.60Santa Anita Park4/6
11/19/2019 Authentic 4F:47.80Santa Anita Park2/37
11/19/2019 Healy's Hope 3F:38.32Palm Beach Downs2/9
11/19/2019 Klatter 3F:38.44Palm Beach Downs4/9
11/19/2019 Seize the Empress 4F:49.10Payton Training Center1/10
11/19/2019 Cutting Humor 4F:49.21Palm Beach Downs4/10
11/19/2019 Praline Prall 5F1:03.05Payton Training Center3/4 Turf
11/18/2019 Charlatan 4F:48.00Los Alamitos Tb3/13
11/18/2019 Censored 4F:48.00Los Alamitos Tb3/13
11/18/2019 Saratogian 3F:38.00Keeneland1/3
11/18/2019 Blood Moon 5F1:00.80Keeneland2/7
11/17/2019 McShady 4F:49.60Churchill64/117
11/16/2019 Don't Recall 3F:36.40Fairgrounds11/24
11/15/2019 Menelik 5F1:01.69Belmont1/12
11/13/2019 Hydrogen 5F1:02.00Santa Anita Park8/26
11/13/2019 Beacon Hill 4F:50.80Eddie Woods Training Center12/13
11/13/2019 Seize the Empress 4F:49.60Payton Training Center4/15
11/13/2019 Praline Prall 4F:50.14Payton Training Center6/15
11/12/2019 Philly Special 3F:37.70Palm Beach Downs3/8
11/12/2019 Cutting Humor 4F:49.39Saratoga6/12
11/12/2019 Gimme Some Mo 4F:50.56Palm Beach Downs12/12
11/11/2019 Charlatan 4F:49.80Los Alamitos Tb6/9
11/11/2019 Censored 4F:49.80Los Alamitos Tb6/9
11/11/2019 Blood Moon 4F:49.60Keeneland16/24
11/10/2019 Menelik 5F1:03.95Belmont21/31
11/10/2019 McShady 4F:50.40Churchill128/152
11/9/2019 Don't Recall 3F:36.00Fairgrounds6/21
11/7/2019 Hydrogen 5F1:03.20Santa Anita Park19/26
11/6/2019 Beacon Hill 3F:38.20Eddie Woods Training Center7/9
11/6/2019 Eel Point 5F1:00.80Santa Anita Park7/36
11/6/2019 Praline Prall 4F:49.19Payton Training Center1/11
11/6/2019 Seize the Empress 4F:49.19Payton Training Center1/11
11/5/2019 Czechmight 4F:50.00Churchill9/16
11/5/2019 Cutting Humor 3F:37.21Saratoga1/13
11/5/2019 Philly Special 3F:37.78Palm Beach Downs3/13
11/5/2019 Gimme Some Mo 3F:39.00Palm Beach Downs12/13
11/4/2019 Menelik 4F:51.88Belmont35/41
11/4/2019 Charlatan 3F:36.20Los Alamitos Tb4/9
11/3/2019 We're Still Here 4F:47.80Churchill5/76
11/3/2019 New York Charmer 4F:50.24Saratoga99/127
11/3/2019 Censored 4F:49.40Los Alamitos Tb7/13
11/2/2019 Don't Recall 3F:38.00Skylight Training Center13/23
10/31/2019 Eel Point 3F:37.20Santa Anita Park9/21
10/31/2019 Authentic 5F1:00.00Santa Anita Park1/40
10/30/2019 Hydrogen 5F1:00.20Santa Anita Park1/10
10/28/2019 Charlatan 3F:37.80Los Alamitos Tb4/5
10/28/2019 Gimme Some Mo 3F:37.84Palm Beach Downs3/6
10/27/2019 Eight Rings 4F:47.20Santa Anita Park2/50
10/27/2019 Improbable 5F:59.20Santa Anita Park1/28
10/26/2019 New York Charmer 4F:49.10Saratoga8/37
10/25/2019 Eel Point 4F:48.00Santa Anita Park2/18
10/24/2019 We're Still Here 4F:47.40Keeneland2/38
10/24/2019 Censored 3F:36.20Los Alamitos Tb2/7
10/23/2019 Hydrogen 5F1:02.40Santa Anita Park17/34