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Euki Binns

Euki Binns

Starlight Racing, StarLadies Racing

Euki Binns has worked with some of the most recognized names in thoroughbred racing. A former jockey and assistant trainer, several of the horses she’s worked intensively with have gone on to become top performing broodmares and sires that still today, are influencing the quality of breeding within the sport at its highest echelons.

Prior to her racing career, she spent fifteen years in show horses, riding for and training under Uldin Wilhelms, who was a member of the Royal Hungarian Olympic Equestrian Team, a former riding instructor at The Royal Hungarian Ludovica Defense Academy in Budapest, and cousin and contemporary of Bertalan de Nemethy (United States Olympic Equestrian Team Coach for 20+ years).

With graduate and undergraduate degrees from the University of Texas at Austin’s, McCombs School of Business, she has worked for Deloitte, and is also a former partner with Logical Approach, and the founding principal of Canopus Consulting, where she managed business development activities and focused on assisting clients with M&A due diligence and post M&A business integrations. She also provided consulting services in the areas of business strategy and implementation planning to start-ups for VC funding.

Combining both her background in the equine industry and her years in management consulting, she founded Adaptive Development EQ, an equine wellness consulting company serving the greater Denver metropolitan area, and also provided a spectrum of management consulting services to businesses and individuals within the equine industry.

With her dual background, she is managing both our racing and technology related resources. As a part of her role as racing manager for Starlight and StarLadies horses, her focus remains on equine wellness from a preventative, “whole horse” perspective. 

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