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Mission, Vision, and Values


It is our mission to consistently deliver a world-class level of service to both our partners and our fans. Among our partners and the organizations we partner with, we welcome new entrants and inspire a sense of community, sportsmanship, and prestige. 

At the industry level, we inspire an environment of integrity, tradition, and ongoing performance at the highest echelons of the sport of horse racing.

We are racing’s premier partnership, and we compete at the highest levels every year.


It is our vision to be the benchmark partnership of thoroughbred horse racing in North America, and in perpetuity, to always be setting the standard for others to follow. Built on a foundation of respect and performance, year after year we innovate from a model that’s not only sustainable, but keeps getting better. 


As one of the most intimate and exclusive partnerships in the world, Starlight Racing is a benefactor to the sport of horse racing and a custodian of the thoroughbred race horse. 

We don’t just believe we have a responsibility to both the sport and the horse, we know that we do, and that perspective allows us to continually strive for excellence. From public awareness and community involvement, to our conduct of sportsmanship, integrity, and trust, we are a sports partnership that retains an active voice among the governing bodies of the sport and we always remain committed to our actionable values—values that give us the drive to continually work towards preserving this mightiest and most noble of all sports for future generations: our beloved sport of horse racing.