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Jake JJ Pletcher

Jake “JJ” Pletcher, Farm Trainer

An acclaimed Thoroughbred trainer since 1969, J.J. Pletcher is a founder and the general manager and trainer of the 80-acre, 96-stall Payton Training Center in Ocala, Florida—a place where, according to Brock Sheridan of Florida Horse Magazine, “horses first learn to become champions.” Read more…

Eddie Woods

Eddie Woods, Farm Trainer

A native of Meath, Ireland, Woods comes from a family of horsemen, his father being a former steeplechase jockey and later a trainer. “I was born in horses. It was my family’s way of life,” says Eddie. Eddie would follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming a steeplechase jockey, and would later relocate to Ocala, Florida. Read more…